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[EU][Raids][TBT] semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for extra members !


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The great and slightly above average [TBT] “The Blacktalon” guild is recruiting new members! The land of full clears and speed wipes awaits! Our current focus is to bring the guild up to scratch again with consistently successful clears and enjoyable runs for everyone. This guild is the right place for all of those who find themselves in between the many inexperienced guilds or training guilds and the hardcore guilds, which are able to clear their raid with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their back.

The mandatory list of requirements:First and most importantly, a dedicated player. Having someone join the group only to not care about showing up is the most annoying thing we encounter when trying to find new players, so being able to show up, and if something comes up that you can’t get away from, giving a heads up about not coming that day is very important.

  • Great knowledge of two classes and up-to-date gear and rotationsNote: It would be great if you can play both a dps and a support role.For DPS please make sure you can play both power (preferably ele among others) and condi.
  • Have experience with all of the boss fights, including mechanics and strategies
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new builds or Willingness to adjust gear due to meta changes or testing purposes
  • The use of Discord and the willingness and ability to communicate with us

TrialsOur trial system consists of two parts:

  • Initial Golem trial (there to check your overall knowledge of your classes)
  • Raid trial (if you pass the first trial, we will take you to a raid clear to test your performance) If you pass both tests you will be given a two-week trial period where we will look at the way you interact with the guild. This is also the time when you can decide if you like what you’re seeing and wish to stay or not.

contact us in game : Trodekas.7652 , dYssy.2475

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