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The Krytan Herald is Recruiting Now!


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The Krytan Herald [NEWS][EU & NA][PvX] is a small, casual guild whose core members are looking for more people to join. We’re looking to build a community that is welcoming to all types of people. PvE, PvP, WvW and even RP if you are inclined. Currently we have people from different servers but that might change after a while. Who know? Maybe you’ll find someone to WvW with. Come on down and share your tales with us. Unwind after a day’s hard work IRL or in game.

Representing is not really a must, but we would appreciate if you did when doing things together with us. We are planning to grab the new guild hall from the Path of Fire expansion when it comes out, but until then, we currently have no schedule for Guild Missions, but we can work that out once we gather enough people.

To join, just drop a message to Fornax.7928 // sanddrake.3089 // DarkGriever.2047 in game or register at our website @: http://thekrytanherald.tyriaguilds.com/ I hope you’ll join us and enjoy your stay.

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