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Couple of noobs looking for a guild


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My partner and I are looking for a guild on Northern Shiverpeaks. He is a bit more active than I am, but we are casual players for the most part. We currently have lvl 80s, working on filling up our hero points and exploring the countryside. We are interested in dungeons, raiding, and other pve activities. We don't pvp. We also still have a lot to learn, and figured joining a guild would help us do that.

I am Spittfyre.9401 and he is Phaetle.1458 if you feel like messaging us in game.

Thanks! :D

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Hey there! Just wanted to point out that anything outside of WvW, servers do not matter (just being on the same region (NA/EU) at that point). So unless you guys do ever desire to dive into WvW, only then would a Northern Shiverpeaks (or NSP) be necessary.

Good luck on the search!

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