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[NA] [PVX] Mistwalk Raiders Looking for more members!


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Hello hello again ladies and gents! Mistwalk Raiders (NA, Northern Shiverpeaks server) is a new guild up and growing! We are looking for champions and other like minded players who wish to experience and grow as a community together! Level 9 guild and growing! We want players who are interested in raising a guild together and becoming part of tyria's history. We also are looking for players who want a challenge! We are happy to help players learn and gear properly for end game content (Raids, Fractals, WvW, PvP). Want to know more? Message one of the high council members today and find the answer to any questions you have. We want you! We Need YOU! Message me @ Viciouslily.7413 or yuje.3742! We will be glad to speak with you and have you join the team! We are Fun! TRY US OUT! B) B)

We will be gearing to do raids as soon as possible! Join and enjoy the ride!

We also love to host guild interactive events to keep players engaged! We will do our best to make your gaming experience better :+1:

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Mistwalk Raiders is looking for more members! I would bore you with all the things we have to offer on here but I want you to come speak with us and find out for yourself! Check us out! Whisper me in game or mail me and I would love to answer any questions you have! We love to help each other and our guild!

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