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Aurora needs to be transmutable


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I believe most ppl who owned Aurora will have the same request as well. After SO MUCH hours we spent on grinding, and SO MUCH gold we spent on crafting this item, it could ONLY be available on ONE character at a time. Like really???

IMO I think overall it's a pretty shiny item, and definitely worthy for ppl who have extra time/gold to craft it. But it's a shame that we couldn't use the skin freely like other legendary weapons/armors/back on all other characters. This make me feel very upset and even regretting to make this item.

I don't know about programming but maybe Anet could consider making the accessories transmutable for ppl who unlocked Aurora, or even an item functioning as Back Pack Straps that u could attach the skin on it?

I hope this feature can be improved for ppl who worked hard on Aurora after all.

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