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Returning Vet looking for Social guild!


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Hi m8 , we from Lion are a cozy bunch of people who looking for other players (beginners or veterans) to grow and enjoy the game with us ,we have 26 members at the moment .We have a very nice decorated Guild Hall (Windswept Haven) wich is at lvl 28 now , our home is on Far ShiverPeaks and most of us are into every aspect of the game PVE/PVP/WVW so mostly PVX . Also Roleplayers are very welcome . :+1:Last summer our guild took a quite larger hit with people having to deal with real life stuff (wich allways comes first) and some others who went to try other games and so on .The founders of this guild are Flemish / Belgians but everyone is welcome ,the only thing we ask is no flaming in Guildchat , have respect for everybody no matter what, regardless religion politic beliefs , origine , gender or age .So if you are looking for a home to have a laugh and some fun or just chill or have a conversation or help with whatever what come look us up , our aim is to have a fun and filled Guildchat again with people that know each other a bit , become friends and have a blast together . Our TimeZone = UTC/GMT +1 .We haven't done raids yet but we are working on the matter but we do and have done Guildmissions . We also have Discord wich info is on the message of the day in our Guild Tab .So if this pack of Lions sounds like your cup of thea just contact one of these players and we will help you out asap ;) - kronnokos.6913 - alien.9058 - tailbreaker.1540 - alien.9683 .Thank you for taking the time to read this , see you in game and rock on :)

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