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[NA] [Dragonbrand] [PvX] Looking for moderately casual and friendly guild


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Hey all,

I've been rocking my solo guild for long enough and think it's time to join up with some other people.

With the exception of a few breaks, I've been playing GW2 since beta and GW1 before that since launch. I'm somewhere between a casual and moderately hardcore. Like... I'm casual enough that I haven't had the opportunity to raid yet, but hardcore enough that I just finished my first Legendary weapon (yay!). I mostly PvE; I've done some PvP and WvW but have an interest in all of it and am sure I'd love to do a lot more of all of the above if I can find the right group of people to consistently play with. I live in the Eastern United States in the Eastern Time Zone, but work 2nd shift hours so I'm mostly playing after midnight EST or on weekends, so either an Aussie/NZ guild or other guilds that tend to be active during those times would be great.

The biggest things I'm looking for in a potential guild are helpfulness and friendliness. I consider myself a veteran player, but there's not much in the game that annoys me more than seeing people who shit on players for being new to something or for being inexperienced, especially when they are eager to learn. I'm always eager to help out new players and want to play with people who feel the same way. I intend to maintain my solo guild for storage and nostalgia (it's been my guild name since GW1, so it's important to me that I keep it), and would love to find a guild that would be willing to help me to complete some guild missions from time to time and capture my guild hall - though I would otherwise devote most of my time and energy rep'ing my newfound guild.

Beyond being just helpful, I'm looking for a guild that is friendly and inclusive. I'm LGBT, and though I'm not necessarily looking for a guild that is primarily LGBT, it must at least be LGBT inclusive/friendly and have a no tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind. I can take a joke as much as the next person, but there is nothing that will send me packing faster than actual racism, homophobia, sexism, and other forms of discrimination and bigotry. I just want to join with nice people who are fun to chat and play with!

There's a lot to unpack in all of that, I know, but I'm serious about finding the right fit for me. So, if you think your guild would be a good place for me or you have more questions, either add me in game (citsongamai.2908) so that we can chat or reply and tell me about your guild. Hope to hear from some of you soon!

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I should add that I'm not particularly interested in guilds that just spam out invites to maintain a high member number. Every time I talk in game about finding the right guild, I get flooded with random guild invites from people without so much as a "hello" who have no interest in who I am as a person or player as long as I add to their ranks. I'd much prefer a small to medium sized guild of friendly, active players to a massive guild of complete strangers.

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