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[EU] Evolution of Loneliness is looking for more friendly guildies :)


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Hey everyone,

we are [EoL] Evolution of Loneliness, an EU based casual-style guild with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We do not care about anyone's skill level or experience, we just want you to be friendly and nice company. In our guild there are no pressures or real rules beside being friendly. The only thing we would like you to do is giving your guildies a chance to get to know you. May it be by chatting in guild chat, playing dungeons or other content together or joining the weekly guild missions, you just should have the wish to not only be a name in the roster noone knows. But: We won't tell you how to do it, you can find out your own way which fits you the best :)We all 'live' mostly by the feeling of: "Everyone does what he wants - and sometimes together."

We currently have member count of +/- 90 players and as some of our guildies need to play higher attention to their real lives we open our doors for some new recruits ;)Additionally, we are also looking for people who want to help keeping the guild running by establishing own regular events. So if you are interested in this, please let us know.What events we currently have is weekly guild missions, weekly pvp event and a raid (training) event which is currently in a irregular 'every 2 weeks schedule'.

We are trying a new recruitment way which hopefully saves all involved people a bit time. If you are interested in becoming a part of EoL, we would very much like to fill out this form: Application form We will come back to you as soon as possible and who knows, maybe we'll play together sometime soon :)

Happy playing,Ani

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Hi Ani,I'm interested in seeing if I'm a fit for EoL (and vice versa) - added you in game. I see you have an application form, I'll complete that and maybe we can chat in game if we can catch each other online at the same time? I'm mostly on in the evenings and weekends, due to work and family commitments.


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