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Laid back NA PvE guild looking for social folks!


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Hi all!I'm Frost, just wanted to drop in and set up a little spot for us and tell you a little about us!After about a year break, my officers and I are working to rebuild our guild and share our knowledge. I personally have about 10k hours into the game, my officers about 6k hrs or more.We have high end capability with the willingness to teach and explain. We're looking to bring back the people that may have left and came back to test the waters, give them a reason to play again and a fun group of people to do it with.Brand new to GW2? No worries, EVERYONE is welcome. :)Things we do:

  • Fractals
  • Dungeons
  • Metas
  • PoF content AND core/HoT
  • Guild missions
  • Raiding - still learning as a guild
  • Occasionally we do PvP and WvW (Dragonbrand)

We are generally a more late night guild with activity starting more around 11pm EST. Looking for more people US people that rock the night owl/afternoon, early evening Aussies and everywhere in between! Guild hall is in its baby stages (lvl25) but we will be working on that more soon. Conversation tends to be not very "family friendly", so please do us the favor of asking yourself if that's something you can handle before joining. We are an adult guild. WE USE DISCORD! Come chat with us :heart:To contact us in game message myself or any of the following people:Kingteranas.7508Whim.7384Okhu.7948If we're not online, feel free to send us a mail and let us know if you have questions, or would like an invite!Come be part of making this guild great again! Thanks for looking :smiley:

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