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(NA) Developing (PVE) raid guild looking for dedicated chronos/dps/heals/multirole.


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Hi. I founded a guild a month ago with the express purpose of developing a static to get FCs of all six wings weekly. I'm training two from scratch (in three weeks they have cleared six raid bosses/encounters, and we are working on an FC of W1 this Thursday), and the rest have been around the block in pugs. I have cleared W1-4, and I comm pug groups (because honestly, sometimes we need some real raid groups running with all the selling raid squads up in LFG). There are seven of us in the guild, and two more that join us occasionally for fun.

I am looking for raiders with some experience on boon chrono/tank, and persons who have great dps. In addition, I'm looking for people who are free to run with our group on Thursday evenings (around 5pm central). If you are chill, and are looking for a semi-exp group that progresses every week this guild is for you. If you love raiding and want to develop yourself so you can help others learn to raid, this guild is for you. If you are looking to be a "toxic raider" in the future and want a hardcore group to help you get there, this will eventually also be a guild for you. BUT If you are brand new to raiding, I don't have the training wing up and functioning yet. I can only train so many people at a time. This is not for brand new raiders....yet.

After we have cleared all six wings and can do it pretty comfortably, I will be pushing parts of the guild to develop a speed clear static and learn the CMs. I want to be a pioneer in W7 when it drops. If you don't want anything beyond chill, don't worry. The base guild will remain chill, and the people who want to go hardcore with me will make sure that our hardcore partying doesn't rain on your weekly clears.

Once we have a solid base of raiders who have cleared all six wings and a hardcore static, we will start training new raiders one static at a time. New raiders will become seasoned, and will have assistance developing their class builds, rotations, group comps, and mechanics. This train and launch approach is going to increase the size of the raiding community and retain more raiders in the long haul, and will lead to more resources devoted to end game content at Anet. This will also drastically improve our pugging community by providing consistent training on safe, easier kill strategies. Not everyone is cut out for speed kill strats, but I bet more than 50% of our game community can learn to raid and get clears using ez casual strats. At the point we launch our training wing, I will look inside the guild for leaders and teachers, those who want leadership roles and are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to spread the love of raiding. People who developed with us and are in it for the long haul. Not everyone wants to teach, or is good at it, so I won't force this role on anyone now or in the future. If you just want to speed clear and call it a day, that's good with me too.

If this grand vision sounds like something you want to get in on, shoot me a message on these forums or in game. I'm hoping this raid lfg section isn't as dead as it looks.

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