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[NA] [PVX][Dark Haven] [HART]Ya Gonn Learn Today (Recruitment)


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[NA] [PVX][Dark haven] Ya Gonn Learn Today. We are a PVX guild located on Dark Haven server. We are looking to Form a Strong Core Team for World vs World But don't you worry we do PVE on the side also. We can get pretty hardcore at Wvw so make sure that is something you looking for in competitive gameplay. Don't be scared we are a pretty friendly group XD. We strive to have fun but keep our team organized for Zerg Busting/Havoc World vs World and other game modes. We share the same mentality in every aspect. Win or lose, we pick each other up and fix our errors to better our team. We need people who is open-minded and willing to make changes in order to help improve our quality as team. Builds/class is require during the Wvw Raids. Discord for voice communication is essential (with or without a mic) during our Wvw Session. World Vs World Raid Days Thursday 6 to 8pm PST Friday 7-9pm PST. Don't be a stranger do your best. Joining our dueling session or just going over training and builds is expected we want you to be the best that you can be and we are willing to help you to make that happen. [No drama policy] Multi-class player would be a plus to group composition.[Firebrand][Reaper][scrapper][Rev][Tempest] would be ideal classes for Wvw. Organize Team composition for small/outnumber scale fights - Havoc WvW - Dueling between guildmates in [Armistice Bastion Pass]. If interested Whisper/mail in game [WhiteLight.5981]

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