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[NA] [PvX] Try new things with friendly people with The Crystalluna [TCL]


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I’m Kmoon, leader of The Crystalluna. [TCL] is a small, growing, social, casual, PvX, Crystal Desert (NA) based, and LGBT friendly guild. [TCL] approaches group content with this philosophy in mind: Have a positive attitude, be patient with each other, and genuinely try to learn and improve.

[TCL] is a guild for people who want to try new things, such as Fractals, Raids, PvP, and WvW, but who maybe haven’t had the chance to or have been too afraid to try before. My aim with this guild is to create an environment where people can feel safe stepping out of their comfort zone, finding new ways to have fun in GW2 with the support of a friendly guild. Both new players and veterans welcome!

Some of our goals include: Building a manageably sized roster of like minded people who enjoy playing the game together. Building up our Guild Hall in the Lost Precipice. Progressing through Fractals and later getting a group together to tackle Raids. Casually playing PvP and WvW (Crystal Desert for WvW, though you’re still welcome to join the guild if you’re currently on a different NA server). Once we have enough people we will be organizing a Guild Missions night as well as other group content nights. Scheduling is based on EST through PST time zones.

Our main guild rules right now are: Be kind. Be respectful of other people's differences, in life and in game. No slurs or -isms. And please be mindful of story spoilers.

I’m looking for new members who are interested in being part of a growing guild, who are also interested in the guild goals I’ve presented, and who agree with the guild rules.

If The Crystalluna feels like it’s the guild for you, please do contact me via:Discord - kmoonforest#6920In game - kmoonforest.1679

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