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[NA] (FUN) Looking for guild mates


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We have the newest guild hall with the help of some wonderful players. Now lvl 16.I would like to open the guild to new members.
This guild is PvE based for now with the option to change. When there are more of us I hope to start WvW and Training Raid runs (we are far from this goal)

Looking for officers and members : Any play experience Vet or New.Right now the home server is [HoD] but that can change depending on the guild members.

With the new guild hall and new members I think this could be a good start for a good guild. Just remember that this guild will be what WE make it.

Thank you

If interested please contact me in game Blutengel.7089

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UPDATE: Guild is now level 16. I opened up Scribe station opened market and started the war room. We now have the guild hall portal for guild missions.

I love being able to make things for the guild hall. It already looks different and I think I have hit the 1000 gold on crafting just as a scribe in 2 days.We are still looking for guild mates.

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