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Death Retreat can be used during Withdraw and RfI


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Something interesting I found out is that during withdraw and roll for initiative, if you press the #4 skill, it will buffer a Death's Retreat after the dodge. A bit cool, but maybe not that useful. Also, you have to use action cam in order to roll in the direction you want (besides just away from your target).

May have been mentioned before, but didn't find anything via search.

EDIT: Should have mentioned this can be done while kneeling.

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@"dDuff.3860" said:You can queue and buffer Rifle's #4 into all other abilities and even dodges.

I may have worded what I said incorrectly. While kneeling, if you use RFI or withdraw, your rifle skills will "swap" for a second, allowing you to do a Death's Retreat, and still end up kneeling after the dodge + Death's Retreat. I understand that you can queue and buffer Rifle #4 when you are already standing.

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