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[EU][PvX] [MRVL] The House of Marvels is recruiting!


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You might already have guessed by the title what this post is about. Hyped? Do read further!

Assuming you're still reading, here are some details that might (or not) interest you in joining:

  • we have a very active discord;
  • we have people with different game mode preferences, ready to help you or to have fun with;
  • we are chill and just wanna have a good time.

Some basic rules however do apply:

  • be nice (no hate, elitism and whatnot);
  • be polite (no insulting, trashing and such);
  • prioritize fun.

For the rest, we don't ask you to represent or to join the Discord server (though we'd be delighted to make your acquaintance there if you wish) nor to be super experienced etc.

Still reading? Convinced?

Don't hesitate to message me in game either for further information or for an invite.

Elie La Mer Noire

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