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[ RAID | NA | PST ]-{NooB}- LF Static Raiders!

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n00bs is an end-game guild only (raids and fractals), seeking like-minded individuals. We are welcoming players with a range of raid experience to fill spots in a consistent core raid group. If you are super hard-core or have never set foot in a raid environment, we probably are not for you.

We are currently looking to fill spots in our PST group, which runs 7:30pm to 9:30pm PST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Keep in mind that we also have a raid pool from which all of our squads draw subs when we need to, and normally draw from this pool first when looking for static fills. You are welcome to apply to this pool instead if we do not currently have static spots that work for you.

Chrono (tank preferred): 1 static position available.DPS : 1 static position available.

We do not do guild missions, run guild perks, or organize any pvp, wvw, or open-world guild-run events. We do not require members to rep or donate/support the guild in general. We have no explicit minimum boss clear or legendary insight requirements and no lengthy application process. We do not ask anything that we are not willing and able to provide ourselves.We are searching for the following:

1) Be fully ascended on at least one character. We’d appreciate it if you ran at least close to a meta build and gear intelligently as we don’t really consider your full-minstrel necro to be a raid-worthy option. We prefer everyone have multiple classes to accommodate the group’s needs. If you don’t yet, that’s fine, but consider working on another.

2) Have a sense of humor and be looking for fun. If you are not comfortable with some occasional coarse humor and cursing, turn back now.

3) Experienced or relatively new, please be prepared to progress. If the boss is new to you, that’s okay. We are patient and ready to help, but we expect improvement and willingness to learn. This often means practice, watching a video or two, and being open to feedback.

4) Actively utilize Discord for organizing events and socializing.

Please note acceptance does not mean you are a part of the team yet. Each prospective member will have a trial period of at least a week in order for us to see where you’re at as a raider. Don’t stress about the trial period too much as its not about how much you know rather how fast you learn.If you feel you match all of the above, feel free to post here or contact us in one of the following ways:

Discord: Vincent Breadnought#1920In-game: C W.5081 or Vincent Xavier Snow.5869 (please include your full Discord ID if contacting us in-game)

Let’s get started killing bosses!

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