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Guardian/Firebrand Bugs


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Loremaster (Firebrand) + Battle Presence (Virtues) traits doesn't wotk toghether;

Zealot's Fire (Torch 4 throw) doesn't goes towards my target, often on a random direction (before PoF it didn't have this problem);

Healer's Retribution (Radiance) doesn't work when using the Mantra of Solace charges, only when preparing the mantra;

Protector's Impact (Honor) and Liberator's Vow (Firebrand) doesn't work when preparing the Mantra of Solace, only when using its charges;

Indomitable Courage doesn't break out stuns when using with Tome of Courage;

Symbol of Vengeance (Axe) doesn't pulse the damage properly. Only the first hit does the intend damage the consecutive hits of the symbol does about 33% of the damage.

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