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[EU][PVE] 2 players looking to join a static


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Me and a friend are currently looking for a fractal/raid static. We both play DPS as our mains (Weaver/Renegade - Thief/Warrior). We have both classes fully ascended with infusions.

We both have currently around 100LI but we know all raid encounters and mechanics,aswell as high level fractals/CMs. We are both pretty social guys, and obviously can join discord/ts3 for the runs. We are not looking for a guild but a static group to do weekly/daily runs. We are really active, normally we do daily T4 runs and recs together.

If your looking for people or looking to join a static you can add one of us on discord or in-game:

gets#1379 // GetSly.9502

Dave#3717 // Divcdk.8402

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