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Suspended account for buying PoF


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I'm writing this post for my friend, because he can't even post on this forum.

"I want to share my experience with Path of Fire Expansion. So, 16th September I bought Path of Fire (deluxe 54,99 Euro) from official site (guildwars2.com) and then I went on vacation. When I got back (23rd September) I tried to login and play my favourite game and I saw message on login screen: Your Guild Wars 2 account has been suspended for an account issue. Please contact Support for information. I saw that on 17th September my purchase of PoF was refunded - I really don't know why, because I was using my normal credit card. Of course 23rd I sent ticket to support and even I bought one more time Expansion (25th September) my account is suspended and I can't play PoF or even the game without PoF. I know this probably not best place to complain, but I'm feeling kinda hopeless. Anyone knows how long do I need to wait for unblock my account? This is kinda crazy and waiting is killing me, because I didn't do anthing wrong.Elmario.9038"

How long does he need to wait? It's aldready 6 days from sending ticket.

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