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Is that a shiny?! A Skritt At Heart [SHNY] is recruiting! [EU]


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Hey there, do you like shinies?!

We are A Skritt At Heart [sHNY] and we are looking for more members to join our ranks!

Our difference from regular guilds is that we don't only play PvE content, we also play the ultimate endgame: Fashion Wars!This means that we share our show of our characters on Discord, have contests and challenges around in-game screenshots.Other then that we also offer the usual guild stuff;

  • Guild missions
  • Fractals
  • Events
  • Contests (screenshot related)more is planned in the future

We are brand new and looking for people to help us grow and make this guild a great place to be!Anyone is welcome, old and new, as long as you are a skritt at heart!Whisper or mail me ingame or leave a reply for more info or an invite!

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