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Deadeye CAN NOT atack with rifle [priority 1]


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Deadeye can not atack with rifle (skills 1-3) when not facing the enemy. With any other ranged weapon (or when kneeling with rifle) charachter is automaticly turing face toward enemy and can shoot right away, but not with rifle. This bug is priority one to fix because it makes rifle unuseable in pve and pvp. Any enemy that comes to mele range can not be atacked.

PS Malice generation is too low therefore player can never reach satisfaction from key boons after reaching max malice. There are two limitations for malice generation: 1. Malice interval passive (4 secs) 2. Malice interval atacking (2 secs) and they both are active right away after Mark is put on. My suggestion is make:

  1. Malice interval passive be active after deadeye gains 1 malice from time- give 1 malice right after deadeye mark is put on
  2. Malice interval atacking be active after deadeye gains 1 malice from atackingThis solution will make malice gain slightly faster and player will be able to achive satisfaction from gaining massive boons after reaching max malice ("perfectionist" trait).
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