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[NA] Exp Raider LF Raid static.


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Hi, I'm an experienced raider looking for a static that has wings 1-4 on farm, I know the fights including different strats and skips. I don't mind re-progressing through 5 and 6 if that's where the group is at. Qadim is the only boss I'm not familiar with.

Classes I currently have geared and know are Power Deadeye/Daredevil, Condi/Power BS, Condi Mirage, Power Holo, Condi Scourge, and Druid.

I'm available between 4-10 pm EST Mon-Thurs, after 4 pm on Friday, anytime Saturday, and until 10 pm on Sunday.

Message me on Discord Brian#6828 or ingame.

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