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Mist Ráiders[MR] Darkhaven based is recruiting for WvW


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We have recently returned to the game and are looking to rebuild a team of wvw players who are still around and enjoy fighting outnumbered. We have taken many breaks on and off the game over the past 6 years but always find ourselves returning to the game because it is the only game with this type of combat style to it. We are aiming to build a team anywhere from 15-25 to be able to compete against the mega blobs and the massive guilds who always seem to run together side by side. We are looking for vet and new players alike who still enjoy wvw.

What To ExpectWe are looking to be a group that comes into wvw nightly looking to improve as a team as well as an individual player. We will provide the experience needed to be able to beat the current groups around. This game is 6 years old, We have played every meta, and simply put we are trying to do things different. The stacking of scourge/fb meta is pretty boring. We will be trying to bring something new to the table so expect it to be a struggle. We will wipe but we will learn from it, adjust and make the necessary changes so we don't make the same mistakes twice. We will bring you a no filter, fun time on discord and in guild chat but will also bring the more serious chats when it is needed.

We run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8pm est-10pm est. We ask that members be able to make at least 3 of those nights. We want to improve as a team and need an active roster to do so. On the other nights we may do unannounced runs if we are bored and are on game. We do not require 100% rep(idk if guilds still do) but i will post it here we don't. We just ask while in wvw and running with us that you rep us.

What Is Expected Of You

  1. Must have Discord and a working MIC
  2. Must run the guild build
  3. Must make 3 of the 4 runs per week
  4. Must have thick skin(we are a no filter guild)
  5. Able to take constructive criticism

In the end, we are one of the older guilds left in the game. We are looking to have fun with what is left here. We are trying to be different and still able to enjoy the game for what it is. We are looking for players with the like minded views as us who just want to collect bags, provide a good fight and enjoy what is left here. If we sound like the type of guild for you, just post here, mail in game, or PM me in game.

Link to our youtube channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx7XMW9rX7-84a_F9q5UBow

We recently made a little video from last month, feel free to check it out.

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