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[NA][PvE] Knights of Ares


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The Knights of Ares [ARES] on Dragonbrand are recruiting.

If you are new to Guild Wars or a seasoned Veteran, we have a spot for you.

We are a casual North American guild, that is filled with skilled players, and we are looking to expand. We are building a community not just a guild. A place built upon mutual respect between members. Where people can come to learn, help others, complete goals, make new friends or just hang out. We provide our members with a max level Guild Hall, Magic Find Bonuses, Experience Bonuses, Karma Bonuses, WvW bonuses, a Voice Chat Server, and this Website for scheduling. As well as a Private Forum to post on if they need advice or have any requests.

We are mainly a PvE guild, but we do occasionally roam WvW. We do Dungeon runs, as well as high level & low level Fractal runs, to help our 50+ members with their progression or daily’s. As well as weekly Bounty Hunts, Guild Rushs, Guild Challenges, Guild Puzzles, WvW Raids, and other in game events and contests!

We prefer that our members are on the Dragonbrand server, but we will accept anyone who wants to make new friends while building a community. As the guild expands we will also be looking for additional Officers/Leaders who enjoy scheduling and running events, as well as teaching new members.

You must be 18 years of age or older. There are no minimum level requirements. All professions are welcome. Voice Chat is not required but it is recommended. Our only other rule is to treat fellow members with respect regardless of their rank.

You can apply on our Website, or mail/message one of us in game for an invite, or to answer any questions. :)

Leaders: Bellaflesh.2149, Kelidus.6934, Ragingdragon.9475

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Joined this guild sometime around 2013 or 2014 I think? Great group of people. And for the record, it's ok if you're not on Dragonbrand server (I'm not). And with alliances coming in the (near?) future (hopefully) this will be even less of an issue since WvW won't be restricted to server anymore.

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