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Terminated Account Before Any Playtime

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So I just created another account beacuse I wanted a complete fresh start (bought POT & POF standard edition), and when I tried to log into the game minutes after buying it I got the following notice:

Guild Wars 2 has encountered an errorYour Guild Wars 2 account has been terminated for engaging in or assisting with gold or item sales for real-world money, which is a breach of the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct. This action is permanent.Build: 82594Error Code: 45:6:3:2157

And no, I never used Guild Wars for my profit, so yeah; a terminated account even before opening the game, that is always nice. I really do hope they answer my ticket soon, as it's kind of frustrating to buy a game and be immediately banned with no playtime or violation at all.

Does anyone maybe know how long ticket queue is nowadays ? And maybe what the error code means or what could have caused the account to be banned minutes after being bought ?

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