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[NA][PvE][LFM] Started a guild named after my late gradfather's pub (KFE)


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  • Why?My grandfather was one of the kindest man I've ever met in my life. Every christmas eve he would dress as santa and go around all town delivering kids their gifts. I was putting away the Christmas decorations when I found his old pub's sign, and that reminded me how much of a great man he was. The pub was named "Klein Fröhlich Erk " which roughly translates to "Little merry place" or "Little merry corner" , and I wanted was to keep the name alive in memory of my grandfather.

  • What kind of people are you looking for?Friendly people who like chatting and are willing to help people out or do stuff together such as mapcompletion, events, what not else. I don't mind doing PvP once I get the hang of things, but I'd like for PvE (dungeons etc) to be the focus. At least for now. (But feel free to do whatever you want.) . If you dont want to represent the guild or you do want to participate in guild missions and stuff, thats also fine, the general idea is just chatting over ingame channels.

  • Discord?Not yet. Maybe someday if the guild gets big or if people want to. You can still add me on discord if you want, my username is Blueshift#0937 but I generally don't join voice chats.

  • Are you an experienced player?Absolutely not. I'm a very casual player with limited time on my hands, but I've played many mmos in the past. I own both POF and HOT if that matters. I'm pretty new to GW2, so if anyone is interested in being the guild leader and managing stuff, just tell me.

If you are interested just contact me in game or reply here, what works best for you.


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