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Thunderhead Peaks

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GreetingsThere will be a few pointers in here as to not get all taken as a single thing and get all jumbled up.1) Just as happens, i like to do map completion on all my toons. So here is my question. let us say i for some reason dont find a mesmer in the lfg and am on my 2nd map completon of the day... and as the dwarf only takes 1 key per day, is it possible to make it in the infamous POI chamber, or am i limited to only one map completion per day?~ 2) I really have no issues doing map events, have done plenty on this map, i just couldnt figure it out by myself if there is any other way to access that poi chamber other than by giving daily deldrimor key to the dwarf. i already have plenty of complete deldrimor keys (not to mention they can be bought/sold for some reason)2.1) And now just to answer why get all of them map completions now while the map is fresh and there is lots of ppl to hang out with on: i have 13 toons/classes atm and i love to hop from one class to another while playing over different times of the day hence i would like to get more than 1 completion per day and have some fun with all my toons/classes and not being bothered whether i have done a certain POI that day. I really dont care about the loot in there... why couldnt just the loot be limited to once per day and not the actual chamber being tied to that part.

TO SUM UP THE ABOVE:1) is completion of the map limited to once per day if there happens to be no mesmer available to port you in the lfg at a given time of the map completion?2.)If anyone knows a way other than a mesmer to access the PoI?2.1)just a personal rant about why i would like to do map comlpletions asap

P.S. if there is any other way to access that room more than once per day (and lets say there is no mesmer in the lfg at that given time time) i would really appreciate the knowledge of it ^^~I do apologize if there is a similar thread about this particular topic. I was just looking for answers about given pointers above and i couldn`t find the answers to them so far~

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