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[EU] Goof Gang - Looking for Friendly and Active Players


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Heyy there!

I'm Zaraen, a member of Goof Gang (GG). We're a recent PvX guild who enjoy taking a relaxed approach to the activities we do. As such we like to run the following activities with our guild members, with most being on Saturday and Sunday at 15:00 Server Time.


  • Dungeons
  • Raids (Including training)
  • Fractals
  • Guild Missions
  • WvW/PvP
  • PvE Content

We're a very social guild who like to help each other out when we can, and there's always at least someone on to lend a hand. We also have a Discord where we chat, chill, discuss and plan future events.

All Goof's, new and old, welcome!

If you wish to join please contact Zaraen.6739, seanyyp.2465, or Anyara.4153

Thank you!

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