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[NA] New guild, Derpdoms Elite Response Patrol [D.E.R.P], is recruiting!


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Derpdoms Elite Response Patrol [D.E.R.P] is a new guild currently in the process of being firmly established. Started by a father and his two sons, we're looking for dedicated players to serve as officers as well as any individuals (new, returning, or veteran) who wish to join a guild with helpful, friendly people. We have Discord. We partake in fractals, dungeons, guild missions, PvP, WvW, and much more to come as we establish officers, raid leaders, and so forth. No rep requirements (as we are brand new, rep a guild that gives you WP discounts and GH buffs until such a time that we provide such). We are ready to begin the expedition for our guild hall! Come and be a part of the inauguration of [D.E.R.P]. Contact me through here or in-game LordDerkaDerp.3769. Thank you for your time!

The tag kept changing to the word kitten, so I had to put periods between each letter. Obviously, that's not how it is in game.

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