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Black Andromeda [NA] Recruiting! Newly formed guild with a discord!


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Hello, welcome to the recruitment page of Black Andromeda. This is a newly formed guild that will be feared among others. This is a PVP/PVE guild so if you're into any of these this is the guild for you. Some rules we have.1) Treat ALL Guild Members with respect2) Listen to all staff members! If you have a report about a staff member pm me or an admin and we'll deal with it.3) Participate in events if you are able to.4) No spamming to get attention.5) Any personal information given about someone without their permission will follow in a kick from the guild and a ban from the discord server.6) Must be 16+ in order to be in discord or the Guild. If you are under the age message me or an admin and we will give you an application to fill out to be allowed to join.7) ANY ip grabbers or any form of ddosing will not be tolerated and will result in a BAN from the server and you will be immediately kick from the guild as well.8) If you report a player make sure you make the report to a staff member by pm's and any one of us will handle the situation.That is the main rules and as long as you follow you these rules.

What are my goals? My goals with this guild is to welcome all new players and old players. I don't want to be the best guild that is the most powerful but I want to be the best guild that acts like a family all together and can just have fun playing the game and act like a family in general. If this is the guild for you the discord link is here: https://discord.gg/9Xh3Hrb

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