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Veteran seeking social/casual NA Guild - Gates of Madness


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Casual NA veteran player seeking a sizable, active, yet casual and MOST importantly SOCIAL guild. Tired of logging on and playing countless nights not seeing any sort of chatter or social activity. Looking for a guild that has a fairly good player base that is healthy and enjoys actually using their guild chat to converse about all sorts of things. Be nice to see life in this game besides map chat during events...

I am social, friendly, good humored and I love to help people if I can. I am casual and prefer PvE content. I am over 18 if that is a requirement. I also have access to discord if needed, but more into listening to music while I am playing, so in-game is my preferred chat. I go AFK way too much, but attentive when need be.

I'd also like to pick up on guild missions again. My current guild unfortunately runs them on a night I am not available, so looking for a guild that preferably runs them during a time I am actually online. To be honest, I'm more of a night owl and work afternoon into the evening, so typically I am playing sometime after 10pm PST, but I also play in the mornings and noon, just depends. I am available on Mondays all day and typically available most Sundays all day as well, so guilds that run missions those days definitely have my interest.

My character name is Arkham.3864 and I am on the Gates of Madness server. NA Player in the Pacific time zone.

Other than that, feel free to message me in game if you have any questions. Thanks!

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I usually message players, but since you are both looking for a guild, I will just post our information here so you can both review it.

Conjunction of Heroes [HERO] is now recruiting for our PvX Guild. Focused on community, heroes engage in PvP, WvW, FotM, Raid, and community events.

We are a guild that is built on a strong foundation of friends that have played together since launch. HERO is located on the Maguuma server, and we host events based out of the EST time zone.

Primarily, we are a pick-up team, one that does not inundate our members with rules and formalities. We do run a structured ‘Game Night’ , where we touch on several aspects of the game, including guild missions, FoTM T4 (along with training times), Raids (again with training sometimes), PvP, and other content.

[HERO] also players several other games within our community. We play Overwatch, Destiny 2, For Honor, Divinity Original Sin 2, and we also host party-game nights for laidback fun.


Who we are looking for: players that want to foster a community of fun, ferocity, and kinship; we want players that strive to play at their best, and to get better at every turn. Our atmosphere would be described as adult, e.g. we curse, we swear, and we have fun, but no discrimination will ever be tolerated.

Do you want to join a group of friends that enjoys every aspect of the game, and excel at playing the game together? Do you want to enjoy the game like you’ve never enjoyed it before?

Do you want to be a Hero?

Whisper me, or one of my fellow leaders: Obran.6582 ; Vehiron.1536 ; ddille.4398 ; ponzor.6087; pizzaman.9520

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Figured I'd bump since I didn't get many responses. Perhaps no friendly social guilds are recruiting? Maybe all people are looking for are raiders and/or WvWers...

Anyways, if you fit the criteria in my initial post and recruiting, feel free to message me in game or here on the forums, but in game would be best. Thanks!

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