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Scourge Shade Bug


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Currently Shades are bugged inflating scourge dmg by quite alot.first of all F5 is not pulsing around teh shades, instead tehy pulse F1 dmg thus triggering dhuumfire way more than tehy should at the cost of one torment stack.additionaly the F1 dmg pulses from shades and you DO stack with teh exception of dhuumfire, so for example standing next to oyur target with 3 shades and activation f5 will pulse: 5 torment, 1 burn and 8 Vulnerability if you have unyielding blast traited instead of: 1 torment 1 burn 2 vuln initialy and then pulsing 2 torment.If you take greater shade you obviously give up all this bugs other than the f5 not pulsing the correct effect and therefore drasticaly lowering your potential dmg output.

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