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Crash when picking up a griffon egg or trying to join someone else PoF map.


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Hi hi !

I make griffon squads and help people doing their collections, yesterday we were 30+ in squad, and while we had problems with queue, we ended up losing people because of various crashes while picking up eggs or when some people tried to joined my map.Can you look at those bugs ?It's pretty sad to lose half of your squad every few minutes and it's not making this kind of run easy to go through.

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Alright, no response. Still have problems while trying to help people. When 40 people in squad pick the same egg, and 7-8 crash it kinda bothers me.Also when it’s ALWAYS the same eggs every single day, it bothers me even more. So tomorrow I’ll post a list of every eggs that make some people crash. I’ll also ask the next squads to report those bugs. Maybe that will help ? Maybe not.Crashes also occure while trying to join someone else’s Vabbi’s map after using the Spearmarshal’s plea. I’m not sure about the item tho. But around the griffon roost, some people just can’t join someone else’s map. They keep crashing forever if they try

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As promised, here is the list of the eggs that make people crash often :

  • Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg
  • Warmed Mountain Griffon Egg
  • Warmed Riparian Griffon Egg
  • Warmed Canyon Griffon Egg

Note that they are all from Griffon roosts. The others are fine.

Also, do note that people who crash trying to join the tag's map "Domain of Vabbi" are the one who crash trying to pick up those eggs. And so, I can't say for sure the Warmed Vabbian Griffon Egg is in the list or not (since they crash litteraly everytime and just can't go on map with the rest of the squad). But I'll investigate next time I do this event.I can also make a video about that, but the next event is saturday.

@Gaile Gray.6029 Are you my hero ? Can you help us and mail the devs and tell them about this problem ?

Thanks in advance !

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