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[EU][JEDI] Wanting a few Dedicated people!


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We Use The Force [JEDI]

is an old guild I formed with a lot of love with friends an year before HoT hit, we used to do Guild Missions, Fractals & PvP/WvW together regularly. Sadly after HoT most of us left and didn't resurface until recently. Now I have success in recruiting people from Map Chat but it is not good as most of those people are not dedicated/contributing/participating. That's why I am looking for slightly more active people.

For example, if you are just in guild for God knows why, never say Hi, never reply to Hi from anyone, never participate in Guild Missions (which are at fixed time weekly) then I don't know why you are here. I'd rather have 5 interactive people than 100 zombies. We aslo need 2-3 officer's, so if you show a little promise you'll be instantly promoted to Officer and will help shape up the guild.

We have a Guild Hall (Guilded Hollow) Level 17, with almost all (2 remaining) boosts in the Tavern and decent upgrades done. We try to do Fractals, PvP & Casual Dungeons together when enough members are present for said content. Some of us play WvW together (Aurora Glade, Vabbi) is our main server for WvW.


Get in touch by replying to this post or writing a mail or whisper in game at: divinesligth.6807

TL;DR An Old guild looking for few dedicated players to get the ball rolling.

Some general info:We are normally active in the Eve/Nights at EU timezone.Apart from Guild Missions we don't have a fixed schedule of doing events ATM, we just do whatever guildies ask for in Guild Chat.*We have both Discord(guildjedi.loop.pk/voip)/Teamspeak server.

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