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I've been a wow player for a looong loooooong time... I decided to give GW2 a try and I found a really beautiful world worth to explore, but i also found a challenge re learning all the game specifics... It was really hard and boring actually since i had the basic game :s ... Reading trough map chats i joined and tried many MANY guilds which i couldn't call a home... No one talking, no one helping me learn or giving advice :'( . One day i was reading the forums and found this place... And from that day I've been here and I can call this guild a home and their members my gw2 fam =) Friendly and active I learned with them and the while enviroment made me level like crazy so I could do stuff with them... I'm still some levels away but I can't wait till I finish my leveling phase and join them! And now that I'm here i want to thank to everyone in guild guiding my nooby behind in this world! :3

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