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Bugged Warclaw interactions with traits/elite specs


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Everyone is talking about the recent capture contribution change, alternative ways of dismounting someone and other topics, but I don't see anyone talking about some of the bugs the warclaw has with some traits.

For example, as a thief if you spec intro trickery you get 3 bonus initiative baseline, however every time you dismount from the warclaw you start without those 3 extra ini points. In a similar vein, if you pick daredevil as your elite spec every time you dismount you end up with 100 endurance rather than the 150 you should have (assuming your endurance bar was full when you mounted). I've also seen soulbeasts get unstopabble union activated when they dismount which doesn't feel right, giving them 4s of unblockable and also maybe even nullyfing the CC when you get dismounted by damage since its a stunbreak (I don't play ranger so I'm not sure, but this is how it works with other stunbreak traits). The way I see it, unstopabble union triggering from dismounts should not happen because you're not really entering beastmode, instead you're just returning to your original state before mounting which in this case happens to be beastmode.

I hope something is done to fix this. Daredevil's new tradeoff is already pretty punishing and starting fights both with an endurance and initiative disadvantage is just too much.

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