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(NA EST) Sanctum of Rall. Hubby/Wife team LFG (PvE).


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Greetings! Relatively new players looking for a place to call home. We are looking for a fun and active group to run around this big world with. We have Discord, will listen in, if it is something important. Our background is heavy in MMORPG. Not interested in WvW, please don't expect it. We are fresh from Black Desert Online, where we are burned out on PvP. We started playing a few months ago, and have just returned from a break. Our characters we would like to main are both 80 Revenants. We are currently working on Living Worlds Season 2. Just got into PoF and have gotten our skimmers. Started on HoT, but not too far in yet. I hope i covered everything, thanks for your time everyone!

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