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[NA] [TOYO] WVW GVG guild HOD/SF Recruitment Office

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Newly arrived zerg busting guild [TOYO] Trampling On Your Oreos @ Henge of Denravi EU/SEA timezone (raid forming @ 2 PM GMT +0) 4x per week. Our focus is fights and scrims.

Requirements:-attend 3 or more scheduled raids per week.-bring one class to each raid.

Room for:Rev: 1Scrapper: 1Spellbreaker: 1Scourge: fullFirebrand: full

Recruiting experienced players and we have room for 1 new player who is willing to learn. For recruitment send a mail to Epiclyawesome.8390

Can help pay for transfers. The guild consists of some players from EU servers who moved to NA and formed a zerg busting comp with some NA players.

PS We like cookies

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