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[NA][ESP] Everlasting Sacred Path - Raids | WvW [Fort Aspenwood] | Fractals | Dungeons | Etc.

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Are you psychic? Do you have telekinesis? Fart thunder? Crap lightning? Neither do we. But this is a video game, so... /shrug

We are pretty much a full service guild. We have scheduled times for pretty much all major activities and if there's something we're not doing that you'd like to do we're pretty quick to spin something up. We also like to help folks progress and have a plethora of highly seasoned players. Of course, that's what comes with an 11+ year old Guild Wars focused guild. From a green sapling to an ancient plank, we accept all levels of play. The only kind we really don't accept are jerks and children.

So if you're a grown up wanting to play video games then put in an application at the following link (You'll need to register):http://www.espguild.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?6-Join-the-Everlasting-Sacred-Path

(I mean, really, who doesn't want to hang out with Hepatitis? Amirite?)

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