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Can Arenanet help me to go back to my previous server?

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Hi! good evening, I just want to know if I can go back to my previous server without using gems again. I am returning to the game after 3 months of absence and someone told me that this was possible, but I wasn't able to find information on the matter.

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Here is some information:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Account#Home_world


As a free account, we’d be happy to transfer you (as a one-time service) to another non-full server if you selected the incorrect server upon creating your account; simply contact support and we’ll get it worked out!

On paid accounts, you can delete any active characters on the account to transfer to a different world for free (as long as it is not full), or you can purchase gems to transfer to a different world with all of your characters and progress intact. Note that any deleted characters will not be restored after taking advantage of the free transfer to a new server.


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