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Priory Historian Elisa

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This is Priory Historian Elisa:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Priory_Historian_ElisaPriory Historian Elisa might be my most hated NPC in the game.(Some whining below)

I wanted a set of oiled Harrier gear, it looked cool, it had the stats I wanted.I got all the materials needed, all the insignias and crafting parts.I found out that I needed 2000+ Trade Contracts to purchase the recipes.Fair enough, I started farming contracts, which was painful to do.I found out I can get more by getting them from the Tomb once a day, I did that every day.Then I found out that Priory Historian Elisa is the one selling these recipes.For some reason she moves around, once a day but not really, sometimes it's once per 2 days.For some reason she can only sell one recipe at a time.For some reason those recipes change around, once a day but not really, sometimes it's once per 2 days.The same recipe can come back, it's not even a cycle, I know this because I purchased a wrong recipe by accident once.It's been almost a month since I started crafting that oiled Harrier Gear.I still need like 3 recipes.

Whose brilliant idea was it to add this NPC, and why would you do that?I know oiled Harrier gear might be cool, but did I sign up for crafting legendary armour by accident?Why is this so difficult when I can just do WvW for a week and get the same gear? (Found out about that when it was already too late)Could you maybe stop putting stupid time gates everywhere? No one likes them.

It would be nice if she was selling all of the recipes at once, or at least if her cycle worked properly.

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