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WvW abilities bug

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I had a bug today where about half of my WvW abilities just vanished. I wish I had screenshot it at the time, but didn't.

I main WvW on one character (and was on this character), and have had all abilities unlocked for ages. I am 3k+ rank.

For some reason in the middle of today's play session, I noticed that when I was attacking the guards at a camp they were taking way less damage (from me) then normal and also hitting me much harder. When I looked at my ability page in the WvW tab I noticed that 1/3 to 1/2 of my abilities were not purchased (including damage given/taken by guards). I have had these unlocked for over a year. Right as I noticed this I got killed by an enemy player, so I had to waypoint. When I waypointed and respawned my abilities returned to normal and were all purchased.

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