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(Multiple suggestion post.) Multi-rider & More poses

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There was a quality of life thread but it was quite large and since what I wanted to post was rather vast in explanation and that I also wanted to go more in depth and possibly discuss things with people I made my own.

So, my concept, while still a bit rough around the edges for finalizing exacts, but my concept was the ability to ride with another person on their mount. (NOW BEFORE YOU GO FREAKING OUT, STAY WITH ME!!!)

It would be a gemshop item, like a saddle for said mount to be able to hold another person.
The preface being that the person who wants to ride has to have the saddle, and it is limited to a different saddle PER mount. AND You have to ALREADY have the mount that you want to ride. (So no freebie rides for non-Path of Fire players.)

My friend who I discussed it with, did want to bring up that it was possible for people to use that to take others to masteries. Which is why I countered with them already having the mount themselves so they could already get to said masteries. (Also having the same skills or them maxed out for that mount as a restriction could help with this.)

Another possibility for it, could be that you can't ride with anyone unless you both have a mastery maxed out (it could be under the masteries for bonding with your mounts.)Possibly making these a combination or mix of them or maybe all of them?

The concept was to be able to take your friends on rides together, it just seemed honestly like something that would be enjoyable. (Maybe I was the only one who liked riding on my friend's handlebars or on the back tires when I was a kid.) It's meant to be leisure like thing. (As well as being able to take pictures with your friends on a mount seems like a lot of fun.)

The other thing, is more for the people who like to express body language more.Adding more facial expressions and reactions, as well as things like extra options for the way someone sits, lies down, lean against something, bowing, waving, Just to name a few.

As far as specifics. I can provide a few below and add more as I remember them. (Likely would require a gif set for ones that are actions.)


  • winking
  • smirk
  • stick out tongue
  • different types of laughs (because sometimes laughing like someone just told you the world's funniest joke, isn't really needed. Just a light chuckle, possibly go with the type of laughs, like giggle, chortle, cackle, chuckle, snicker, snort, titter, guffaw & bray?)

Hand Gestures:

  • Finger Gun
  • 'Ok'
  • dust off shoulder
  • pat down/straighten outfit
  • gentle hand waves
  • thumbs up
  • thumbs down
  • waving goodbye
  • hands on hips (possibly adding foot tapping.)
  • pretending to be a mime
  • rub hands together

Body Actions:

  • (Different sitting positions overall)
  • curtsy
  • jumping up and waving hands in the air (making a sound of urgency to say something, or an expression of excitement.)
  • sleeping in different positions
  • lean against a wall
  • possibly types of general idle poses.

(A lot of these would help the rp community as well as those who like to take pictures.

I may add to this more as I think of them, as I think I missed a few. (If anyone thinks I should add one I can mention it. I know some are kind of close.)

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