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[iNV][NA]*GoM/NSP*[WvW] Recruiting dedicated players!

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Innovate [iNV] is currently recruiting on GoM+NSP. We are looking for players that want to improve and are interested in open field fights. Currently we are fielding 10-13 players and usually fighting outnumbered, So we could do with a couple more dedicated and active players to help us balance the odds.

We are open to discussing the possibilities of a guild merge if that is an option.

Raid Schedule):

•Tuesday •Wednesday •Saturday•Sunday

Starting at 8.00pm (EST)

Working mic and basic English is required.

Classes that we are looking for are:


We are also looking for part time or full time driver to help lead the raids. Days and times could be flexible.

For more information join our discord or whisper me in game @ MidgetMonk.5487 or in discord @ Wee_Midget#1044


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