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Computer crashes (long-term issue)

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I have been experiencing computer crashes for quite a while, but it has gotten worse with the "Warclaw" and "War Eternal" patches.

My computer crashes completely, sometimes blue screen, sometimes just complete restart, sometimes a sound loop, other times nothing. Occurs at random times during playing. I play mostly WvW and crashing does NOT happen only when engaged in fights with a lot of players on the screen. Many times I have been completely fine for a large-scale fight, but have crashed while at spawn or simply travelling somewhere on the map.

I have tried:-repair-reinstalling-changing settings (its usually at the lowest, but I've even tried increasing the settings to see what happens)-using my graphics driver frame limiter instead of the gw2 inbuilt one-setting my fan settings to more sensitive-using a program to show my fps while playing (bandicam)-making sure I have nothing else running except aforementioned programs, even disabling voice comms-updating/reverting graphics/audio/other drivers-many many many other things

There have been times where my crashing has all but stopped, but the problem gets worse when patches are introduced. I was fine for a long while, but then the "mounts in WvW" patch came, and I started having my usual issues again. The past few days have gotten even worse, and I can't even get into the game for 30 seconds without a crash.

Also, I have no issues running programs that are much more graphically intense.

Computer:Win 7i7-4790K CPU 4.00 GHz16.0 GB RAMGeForce GTX 970Recently re-installed on a 2TB Hybrid drive

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