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Suggestion to Arenanet about the gemstore gilders/backpack items

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There is a thing that has been bothering me awhile when acquiring new skins for glider. Each time I have seen a glider that I have liked I have bought one, especially if its suits the character's style ( #fashionwars2 ) and us having the option to color the gliders give really unique feeling flavor when gliding across Tyria. Yet sadly same cannot be said for the backpack versions that we have. As an example, my current favorite glider is the "Legion Jetpack".

79d67MTX_LegionJetpack.pngAs seen in the picture, it is currently on its default colors, which is a match on the backpack version.However the "jetflame/powercore" and the casing of the glider can be colored while the backpack cannot.

So, to dear Arenanet:A quality of life improvement that I suggest would be to give us option to color those backpacks, that have glider version of them with a dye channels on them.In general it would only add for the fashion experience, to let us run with our colored back item and jump off the ledge into a matching glider.

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