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LFGuild - NA/EST/HoD/PvX, Casual Player


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Started playing 2/3 weeks ago; being running around mindlessly doing PvE and dabbling in WvW. My current character is a Necro and just looking for a guild to help me better figure out this game. As mentioned in the title, I'm a hardcore casual player. Generally only playing 4-6AM EST, Mon-Fri and sometimes in the evenings depending. Weekends generally a bit longer in the mornings but nothing excessive. I'm not looking for a hardcore guild of any sorts, just folks to talk to and hang out with. Maybe run a dungeon or two and seek advice from. There's clearly a lot about this game I do not understand and would like to learn more. Outside of WvW and following zergs, my party/squad playtime is minimal.

If you'd like to find me in game, my tag is Savvy.5701 - look forward to chatting with all of ya!


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4-6 am est is generally oceanic prime time, so BoB could be the home you are looking for (we may be aussie, but we do adopt).

We are mag for wvw though, sonif you are lookong for a large number of guildies to run the ocx/aussie time with in wvw, may be worth the transfer.. But can talk more about that later

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