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[NA] [WvW][SF]WAR - Warwagon Looking for new members

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[WAR] Warwagon is an NA-prime based World Vs World guild that is located on Sorrow's Furnace server

We field a fight team most every night around 10 pm EST/ 7pm PST time.We range from small fights to mixing it up and helping bigger groups with fights.We are looking for players of any profession or skill level that want to become better at WvW.We require you to have either Discord or Teamspeak for voice coms (listen only is ok).Nightly WvW raids with positive and non-toxic commanders. (rep not required)Help with builds and how to gear up efficiently.Guild Missions every week in WvW only.Guild Hall goodies with nodes, buffs, vendors.If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you please contact us!

Lego - discord chubb0rz#9970 or in game chubborz.6952Jo Jo - discord at jonalynne#7613 or in game mojojojo.4378

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