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Animation Lock up (HUGE ISSUE) AND Water Weapons showing on back of people on land

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HUGE Animation Issueas it says. been dealing with alot of animations simply locking up arms and all randomly..... ALOT like its a very VERY common issue... i play char ( both genders) and when i played other races. they do it as well... the animations that lock up are...really any of them. seems to happen the most dismounting or gliding. but i have had every thing lock up. puting my toon into funny poses that cant play any other animations anymore...i had even lock up and just T pose me for hours... it started out as a funny glitch now is a non stop thing of annoyingness...

Other bug... oddly every person 80% chance of showing underwater weapons on their back on land ( looks cool tbh).

i have fully reinstalled GW2, updated all my drivers... other friends have all the same issues as well...

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