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Action Cam and WvW

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This is more a request for a change than a bug fix.

I use Action Camera (the camera follows the mouse at all times). In WvW it gets me killed much too often. No doubt this problem exists because when Action Cam was added to the game they didn't alter the code to deal with these scenarios:

1) I'll be fighting and an objective gets taken by my team. At this point the dialogue for claiming the objective for my guild pops up on the left hand side of the screen. This wouldn't be a problem except that it also pops me out of Action Cam and my mouse cursor goes free. If I'm fighting for my life, the delay while I suddenly have to take my fingers from combat keys to go press the Toggle Action Cam key and then get them back where they're supposed to be is more than enough to get me killed, not to mention that I'm suddenly not targeting directly in front of me but somewhere else. It's especially annoying when some camp or keep I passed through an hour ago suddenly gets taken by someone else and boom there goes my control.

2) Similarly, if I've placed myself in map queue to transfer to a different map, when my turn comes Action Cam toggles off, a popup appears in the middle of the screen, and now not only do I have to deal with trying to get my game to work right again in the middle of a fight, but I also have to deal with this dialogue box right where I'm looking and trying to focus my damage.

You guys really need to fix this. I've been complaining about it since I started WvW. Yesterday, my friend and I were about to win a little 2v2 roaming fight (1 guy was already down), when my q popped. It turned the fight around as I dropped a bomb out in no man's land after my targeting switched to free cursor mode. I had to drop q so I could get back to fighting normal, but it was too late. We didn't take the camp, died, and lost our spot in q. I absolutely blame the fact that my cursor quit behaving like I'm used to, and had a transfer box in my face so I couldn't see. This is not the first time this nonsense has happened. And it always feels like a bad beat, like I got completely screwed.

Please change the code so these dialogues stop stealing my cursor focus, and please move the map change dialogue box to the side somewhere. Thanks.

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